280W beam Gobos Light

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16/24 two channel selection mode.
Lamp type: OSRAM SIRIUS 280/ HRI excellent lamp optional
Power: 280W
Display: 2.8 inch LCD touch, can be reversed 180 degrees display.
Color plate: a color plate, there are 13 color +1 white light
Pattern plate: two pattern plate, fixed pattern plate 13 patterns + white light, the rotating
pattern plate of the 9 design patterns, custom LOGO.
The effect of the wheel: two rotatable prisms, a circular eight prism, a straight line of six
prisms, with atomization function.
0 - 100% mechanical dimmer, support mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable speed
stroboscopic effect stroboscopic macro function support.
Lens group optical system, electric focusing, beam angle 2.8 ~ 38 degrees.
The photoelectric reset system is adopted, which can be automatically retrieved when
the accident happens.
Level 540 degrees, resolution 8Bit/16Bit
Vertical 270 degrees, resolution 8Bit/16Bit.
Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 470W
IP protection level: IP20
Dimensions: 385 (L) x 365 (W) * 589 (high) mm
Net weight: 16KG