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Thông số kỹ thuật SX-2000AO

Power Source Usable power supply unit: VX-200PS
24 V DC (operational range: 20 V - 40 V DC)
Two power inputs construction enables dual-redundant power supply.
Current Consumption 1.2 A or less (maximum value in the power operating range)
0.79 A or less (when operated on 24 V DC)
Note: But except current consumption of the external equipment of which power is supplied
from the unit.
Indication 18 alphanumeric characters, Level indication (8 outputs, monitor), Status indicators,
Power indicator, Standby indicator, CPU OFF indicator
Operation Function button, Output level control, Monitor speaker volume control, ON/OFF switch,
Operation button
Audio Output 8 outputs, 0 dB*, suitable load: 600 Ω or above,
electronically-balanced output changeable into transformer-balanced output (optional),
removable terminal block (12 pins), monitoring possible using built-in speaker
Audio Output Characteristic Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
D/A converter: 24 bit
Emergency Line Input Emergency signals switched and sent to Input 1 (H, C, E) by relay
removable terminal block (3 pins), Emergency audio message is output from all audio
equipment connected when the power or an emergency-cutoff 24 V input is cut off.
Emergency-Cutoff 24V Input 1 input, input current: 5 mA or less, removable terminal block (2 pins),
cancellation possible using DIP switch
SX Link
Network I/F 2 100BASE-TX circuits, RJ45 connector, decentralized installation possible
Connection Cable/Device Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP)
To be connected via the switching hub specified by TOA
Note: This network must be made completely independent from other LAN.
Maximum Cable Distance 100 m (between this unit and a switching hub)
Analog Link
Input/Output Connector Input: 1 input, RJ45 connector, Output: 1 output, RJ45 connector
Connection Cable Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP)
(1 pair of audio wire + 1 pair of control wire (CPU OFF) +
1 pair of control wire (system reset/standby)+ 1 pair of connection check wire)
Maximum Cable Distance Total length of analog link: 800 m
CI/CO Link
Usable Unit SX-2000CI or SX-2000CO
Connector/Cable 1 interface, RJ45 Connector,
Shielded Category 5 twisted pair cable (CAT5-STP)
Maximum Cable Distance 800 m
Control Input 8 inputs, no-voltage make contact input, open voltage: 40 V DC or less,
short-circuit current: 2 mA, photo coupler input, removable terminal block (6 pins)
Control Output 8 outputs, Form C contact, no-voltage make contact output, relay contact output
(withstand voltage: 40 V DC, control current: 2 - 300 mA),
removable terminal block (6 pins)
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to +40 ℃
Operating Humidity 35 % to 80 % RH (no condensation)
Finish Panel: Aluminum, black, alumite
Case: Surface-treated steel plate
Dimensions 482 (W) × 88.4 (H) × 349 (D) mm
Weight 6.2 kg
Accessory Removable terminal plug (12 pins) …2, Removable terminal plug (6 pins) …8,
Removable terminal plug (4 pins) …1, Removable terminal plug (3 pins) …1,
Removable terminal plug (2 pins) …1, Rack mounting screw …4
Option Line transformer: IT-450