Cục đẩy công suất PA1200

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PA series professional power amplifiers adopt high-capacity filter capacitor with grade H linear output circuit, which ensures strong output of dynamic heavy current in an instant and precludes mutual interference between channels, guaranteeing the stability of the products which function in a long-term continuous full power condition. The well-chosen transformer, input capacitance, transistors and other electronic components make sure low distortion output when the amplifier drives low-impedance load, which balances timbre and loudspeaker system. After repeat adjustment of its structure, circuit design and tone expression, the amplifier brings remarkable analysis points and tone performance and is in a leading position in the industry. The amplifier is suitable for high-standard speaker system.

Model: PA1200


Stereo Power(EIA 1KHz 1% THD 8Ω):2x600W
Stereo Power(EIA 1KHz 1% THD 4Ω):2x900W
Bridge Power(EIA 1KHz 1% THD 8Ω):1800W
Signal to Noise:110dB 1KHz X40(32dB)
Slew Rate:20V/uS 10KHz X40(32dB)
Damping Factor:>300 Nominal operating condition 63Hz/8Ω
Frequency Response:±1dB Nominal operation condition 20Hz-20KHz
THD:≤0.01% Nominal operating condition 1kHz/8Ω
IMD.:≤0.01 Nominal operationg condition 60Hz/7kHz 4:1
Input Sensitivity:0.7V
Input Impedance:10k/20K Ohm,unbalanced or balanced
Input CMRR:>80dB Nominal operating condition 1KHz/8Ω
Crosstalk@1kHz :>80dB Nominal operating condition 1KHz/8Ω
Main Power Supply.:~220v 50/60Hz